Sunday, 7 December 2008

JavaFX for a non-IT person

Ask your mama to click on any sample on the web site.

Here is the feedback:
- What is that thing on the bottom (Java icon appearing twice on the tray bar)
- When is this ready? (No download bar, or percentage information, like on Flash or Silverlight telling you when everything will be ready)
- The whole thing about trusting is a killer..(Of course I trust it, and clicked on it in the first place!)

So, IMHO, to fix:
- Remove the tray icon for Java – the whole thing should be transparent
- Provide a download time information in percentage
- Auto-trust JavaFX apps. Must not display the dialog.
- Improve performance of the codecs. Sometimes very slow on Vista.
- Can still see the odd GC pause on some FX apps – like in the JIT days....must be improved.
- Provide a set of UI widgets for FX

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