Saturday, 26 September 2009

C++/C# versus Java coding productivity

I still do not get it. I see some colleagues at work coding in C# using Visual Studio .NET – mainly GUIs. I see other colleagues writing C++ (Server-side), finally others doing both in Java (Swing, JDK 6). In terms of productivity it is blatantly obvious that the Java boys – they deliver fast, and well. The C# boys are struggling with Visual Studio (what a pile of c..p) – when you compare it with Eclipse (or even Netbeans) – I am not even talking about the C++ guys stuck with VC++ 6.0 (1998!).

What I do not get is why people get stuck in inferior technologies and do not even have the will do move to another platform and take advantage of powerful IDEs (Eclipse, Netbeans) and very nice monitoring and management tools (VisualVM).

I am not going to even start talking about performance (Java is slow (FALSE!), C++ is faster (FALSE!), Java does not use native threads (FALSE!), Java is not suited for multi-cores processors (FALSE!)...

Ah la la!

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