Saturday, 3 January 2009

Apple Time Machine

does not work. I had to re-install my Mac OS X 10.5 because the computer kept rebooting all the time on start-up.
I have tried repairing the disk, permissions, and the what-have-you-s I have found on the web... nothing.
So, knowing that I had a back-up, via Time Machine, I simply re-installed the OS... did a software upgrade.. then comes the Migration Utility Assistant..

I used the MUA (Utilities) and plugged my external hard-drive (Time Machine Backup), and after 1h, the whole computer froze did not work. I re-installed everything again.... let the TM run for 6 hours, nothing...It did not work at all.

Mac products are over-rated. It is fine to add new functionalities to a new OS only if they do work... considering the number of TM issues on the web, Time Machine is not resilient.

I am seriously considering not using the Mac anymore, and simply forget about iTunes.

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