Thursday, 24 January 2008

Leopard is unstable

I paid £80 for an OS upgrade that brings more trouble than anything else:

  • Switch off your wireless router while running, Leopard freezes

  • Java implementation sucks

  • Finder crashes

  • If you hibernate your laptop, on wake-up, it does not find your wireless network: you have to reboot (Windows XP does a better job)

  • Safari crashes more than Firefox, better use Firefox

Overall, the only thing great about Leopard or Tiger after owning a Mac for more than 2 years are only iTunes+iPod and iPhoto. Buying the Mac is not worth it.

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Guillaume said...

What is the version 10.5.0 or 10.5.1 ?
According some news , the 10.5.2 is a over 300 MB of patches ... According your fantastic experience, I believe it is not for decorum ...

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