Saturday, 2 June 2007

Apple & Java

What triggered this post about Apple and Java?
post I and post II
Not that you care or anyone reads this blog; it does not matter; but I feel somehow compelled to write what I think of my Mac Book Pro for Java development while using dodgy Microsoft Word X for Mac OS X.

Is the Mac a good development platform?

Yes, only if you develop Mac-specific applications, because you do not have a choice.

Is the Mac a good Java development platform?

Hell, no.
- JDK 6 is still not production ready
- You have to upgrade to a new OS each time there is a new JDK release
- Xcode sucks (for any development)
- Java is slow
- Eclipse is slow
- No way you’ll be able to try the new builds for JDK 7
- No strategy from Apple regarding Java on the desktop

That’s it for now.

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