Thursday, 3 May 2007

Sarko ou Royale?

I watched the debate, and I must say I was quite surprised by the aggressiveness of Mme Royale. She acted on a different registry, unusual, more right-ish than I expected. What strikes me is that she does not want to take a clear stand on anything. I am not really sure that her temper will go down well when dealing with foreign politics: how realistic it is for France to boycott the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics?

Mme Royale did not know how many Nuclear Submarines France has… (She thought 1!)

They got it wrong on the part of nuclear in electricity. Every French person knows that Nuclear power accounts for about 78% in France’s Electricity, not 17%, nor 50%.

What France needs: reforms, everybody knows that. Actually, we have known that since the seventies. Why do we have to face the wall to act?
When I see the PS’ programme.. hhmmm, hold on, do they have any? Same old stuff: Royale is a pretty face hiding a bunch of old trees.

Let me take just one example: I have been living in London since 1999 (before the Euro was officially adopted)… and the number of French people coming here has grown to a staggering number of 250,000 or more! Why? Because work is flexible, you can find a job within 2/3 weeks, because if you are smart and work hard, employers give you chances, responsibilities, regardless of how old you are, or which school you are from. I think that overall, unless I am mistaken, French people seem happier here! (Do not get me wrong, there are issues here as well, but this is not the point).

I am currently watching “The Daily Politics”, and they are saying, ‘on the left, they have no programme, apart from the fact that we should be happier”, “on the right, he is the right-wing Thatcher that will bring reforms”. It is quite funny to think that the country Thatcher admired the most in her time was…. France.

However, Mr Sarkozy, do not rest assured. If you are elected, you will have to do what you said, implement the reforms promised. Otherwise…

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